Harry Potter Graphs

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I have read all the books and of course watched the movies. My favourite thou is the 3rd book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. If you know the series, it is the only book that Lord Voldermort doesn’t make an appearance in and you get to see a little bit more into the background of Harry’s parents lives while they were at school.  

Any way all rambling aside I was drinking a tea one day out of my new mug I got for Christmas from my sister and brother in law, which I still tell them I love because it is one of those changing mugs that when you put a hot liquid into it, it reveals a new picture on the mug, and of course my sister knowing me so well got me the Harry Potter Marauder’s map mug. This by far is my most favourite magical object in the Harry Potter universe.

I was inspired to design a double sided blanket. I have the graph done but I just haven’t figured out how to crochet it yet. 🙂


It is quite a big project thou, I’m still working on how to crochet it. I’m thinking either C2C or maybe double crochet. Both have their strengths but either way I think this blanket would look amazing for a Harry Potter fan 🙂


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