Baby Blankets Galore :)

Since every time I look on Facebook I see people that are pregnant or someone who knows someone who is pregnant I figured what a great idea it would be if I could post a bunch of baby blanket patterns for people to try for the little ones and any of these could be for either gender. I found them all on

First one is called the Clusters and Crosses Blanket.

Clusters and Crosses Blanket

I love the variation in the colours with this blanket.

Next is the Hexagon Motifs Blanket

Hexagon Motifs Blanket

It’s definitely a unique pattern

The next one doesn’t have a specific title on yarnspirations but it has a lovely rosette motif

Baby Blanket

The next blanket is called Fast and Cozy Blanket, according to the description it works up really fast.

Fast and Cozy Blanket

This blanket is call the Puffy Baby Blanket.

Puffy Baby Blanket

It looks so warm doesn’t it???



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