Baby Strap Flip Flop Sandals

These baby sandals are super cute I’m definitely thinking about finding a colour for my little boy and doing these up for him for the summer time 🙂

Free Crochet Pattern - Get the pattern for these sweet baby strap flip flops, adorable for any occasion. {Pattern by Whistle and Ivy}

Enjoy 🙂



Tower of Babel Hook Stand

Here is a project for all of us who don’t have amazing husbands that make us stuff for our hooks and projects and stuff like that (not saying that the one’s that don’t do this aren’t amazing) I saw this while looking for some small projects to post and was instantly taken with it. At the moment all my hooks live in a center container of one of my 3D puzzle vases so this idea is so cool 🙂


Enjoy 🙂

Dragonfly Coasters

I recently went to Facebook for inspiration for this blog and its content and I got amazing feedback so first off I would love to thank you all for the time and energy spent sending me ideas of what people actually want to see on a blog like this 🙂

One of the suggestions was small quick items that someone could do to take a break from their big projects so I looked some up and I found so many different projects its definitely inspiring.

With this pattern I think it could go a couple of different ways #1 you can use it as a coaster which in on itself is cool and #2 you could make a blanket from the squares with different colours and I think it would look kinda wicked 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Crochet Bracelets

I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook with people asking about a quick and easy project to do up for craft fairs and to use up their scrap yarn stash so they can get more yarn and so on. So when I came across this pattern I sent it to myself in a message to make sure I didn’t loose the pattern.

Free crochet pattern bracelet jewelry

It’s definitely an easy pattern to follow but if you like watching videos to help figure it out she has one on the site as well. Not to mention she also shows you some caps that you can use with this project as well.

Enjoy 🙂