Celtic Coasters

These coaster look so awesome. Definitely going to go on to my long to do list 🙂

Coaster from cotton oddments


Enjoy 🙂



Dragonfly Coasters

I recently went to Facebook for inspiration for this blog and its content and I got amazing feedback so first off I would love to thank you all for the time and energy spent sending me ideas of what people actually want to see on a blog like this 🙂

One of the suggestions was small quick items that someone could do to take a break from their big projects so I looked some up and I found so many different projects its definitely inspiring.

With this pattern I think it could go a couple of different ways #1 you can use it as a coaster which in on itself is cool and #2 you could make a blanket from the squares with different colours and I think it would look kinda wicked 🙂



Enjoy 🙂

Dreamcatcher hula hoop

When I came across these patterns I thought that they were an interesting project to attempt. I haven’t actually attempted to do one yet but I’m thinking I might try in the summer when I can get a hula hoop from a Dollarama somewhere here in town. 🙂

DIY Free Pattern and YouTube Video Tutorial for Crochet Mandala Dream Catcher with Hula Hoop for Indoor Decoration or Outdoor Yarn Bombing Based Upon Vintage Doily by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia

Aren’t these just so awesome 🙂


Enjoy 🙂