Giant Squishy Octopus WIP Update :)

well yesterday I finally finished the head of my current project. He is so adorable 🙂


My son loves this and I still have to do the feet 🙂 Unfortunately I have run out of stuffing. I totally underestimated how much stuffing this guy really needed 🙂 well the legs of the octopus are on hold until the end of the month when I can get to the store 🙂

I am totally enjoying making this project 🙂

Keep Hooking my fellow crocheters 🙂


Giant Squishy Octopus WIP


Here is my WIP so far its coming along so nicely. 🙂 Gotta love when the yarn you are using for a project fits inside the project 🙂

I’m totally in love with this project although my counting of stitches so times gets me frustrated *laughs*

Enjoy your day 🙂 Keep Hooking 🙂

Giant Squishy Octopus WIP

I started this project a few days ago and with the help of my oh so helpful 7 month old little boy I have managed to get about half the body done 🙂


the colours are a bit hard to see in the picture but they are blue, purple and pink 🙂 My little boy goes nuts for this as soon as I pull it out to work on it 🙂

I’m following the pattern for the Giant Squishy Octopus by the left handed crocheter. I have posted her work on my blog and you can find it at

I’ll post more pictures when I have more done 🙂