Giant Granny Square Blanket

Here is another really easy blanket if you have mastered the granny square 🙂


This looks super warm and totally cozy

Enjoy 🙂



Half Double Crochet Placemat

Here is another easy beginner pattern that can be done in very little time depending on how fast you crochet 🙂

Half Double Crochet Placemat Pattern -- Copyright Amy Solovay

This pattern has a couple of different ways to edge it but the pattern in under the supply list you’ll have to click “more” to see all of the pattern 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Fast and Easy Baby Blanket

So when I asked everyone what they would like to see on this blog one of the responses I got was for easy beginner patterns for people who are just starting out. This one covers two topics that I’ve seen on Facebook. 1. Easy beginner pattern 2. Baby Blanket 🙂

Pink Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Enjoy 🙂

Tower of Babel Hook Stand

Here is a project for all of us who don’t have amazing husbands that make us stuff for our hooks and projects and stuff like that (not saying that the one’s that don’t do this aren’t amazing) I saw this while looking for some small projects to post and was instantly taken with it. At the moment all my hooks live in a center container of one of my 3D puzzle vases so this idea is so cool 🙂


Enjoy 🙂